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Why Are We Afraid of Each Other? - Jessica Pitzer McLaughlin

Why Are We Afraid of Each Other?

I’m ok with me but I’m afraid you won’t be….

I love hanging out with me. Actually I don’t get enough time just with me by myself. I have so much fun with just me! I’m creative and silly. I’m fun and goofy! I wiggle and giggle! I soar in the clouds and dance on the stars! My planet is truly an amazing place to live! I see flowers! I see colors and smiles! Oh and the music makes you never want to stop moving! There is so much joy here!  Honestly I think I’m pretty amazing! God shows me amazing things and I shine so bright!

But there is a problem…

I’m afraid you won’t be okay with me. :/ That you will think I shine too bright. You will think I’m not genuine or real. That you will want to damper my spirit because you are grumpy.

I’m afraid I will do or say something that will offend you and make you mad.

What if you don’t like my smiles or my hugs or my dancing or my laugh?

What if you are the grumpy person or non emotional person who makes me feel that I’m ridiculous?

What if you are mad because I’m happy or my music is too loud or too annoying?

What if I’m happy but still in painful misery? Will you think I’m faking the pain? Will you think I’m faking the joy?

What do you expect from me?

Will you tell me I’m amazing? That makes me blush… I know I’m amazing because God made me and pours into me each day! I’m only amazing because He fills me to the max.

But I feel bad because I’m afraid if you tell me I’m amazing that somewhere you think you are less amazing and that you feel worse because I’m so great! So I feel like I shouldn’t shine so bright or be amazing because you think you aren’t! But you are! You just have to realize it and let it show. So, then you can help others shine brighter!

I want you to shine bright so that I can shine bright! Let’s do it together so that we don’t have to feel bad because we are afraid of how people will treat us! We all want to be liked and we all want to be favorite! Let’s help each other and protect each other, instead of looking at each other sideways or making each other feel silly (in a bad way) for being a certain way.

So, I promise to shine a little brighter and share my private world with you if you promise to do it with me!



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