Stepping into a New Year

I step into a New Year tonight.  My family is all snoozing but I wanted to stay awake to see the beginning of 2015.  So much time has passed since I got so sick so may years ago, triggered by the wreck I had in April of 2001. (My immune system was compromised by the wreck and could no longer remain symptom free from the threat that was already attacking it.)  Wow!  14 years have gone by since then and I haven’t really been healthy since.  Talk about perspective!  Yuck!  But another perspective is that 10 years ago to the minute I was heading to the ER because I was so sick that I had a pic line in my arm trying to heal me of this horrid thing caused from a tick bite years earlier. Then I stayed in the hospital for the first 5 days of 2005.  I could barely function and the Doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me because he didn’t believe I could still be so sick..  But after 5 days he had exhausted everything else and decided to follow my LLMD’s orders to change my medication and send me home.  During the end of 2004 and beginning of 2005 I was literally on my death bed waiting for death to arrive.  However, my sweet husband asked me to not give up and he asked me to fight.  That was 10 years ago!  Wow!  Has it really been that long?  Modern Medicine saved my life but it couldn’t cure me and it really damaged me.  So, now my body is finally healing using Natural Medicine.  Slowly I am gaining ground and am thankful for how far I’ve come!

Tonight I welcome 2015 with big HOPE that this year I will have more fun and more wiggles without pain!  I have had fun moments the last 10 years but most days have included physical misery.  I am a walking miracle.  Since the day I was born, really.  My life has been attacked physically so many times but I’m a fighter!  I actually love this thing called life!  Living is an incredible gift!  Using a chronic illness, the enemy has tried to steal my joy… it may have been hampered but it has never been lost.  I choose life!  I choose excitement!  I choose to feel abundance!  I choose to take back what has been stolen from me!  I choose to fight for my health!  I choose to fight to overcome the financial strain this illness has brought on me!  I will not give up!  The experience of life is too beautiful to get lost in the misery!

So, Here’s to a New Year full of HOPE!  Join me and don’t ever let circumstances get you down!  Smiles and giggles are so much more fun than the opposite.  So, go find someone to giggle with or at least giggle at!  Love to you all and know that you are never alone!



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