Staying Warm is Key… Find out why

As the temperatures are dropping all around us, I am reminded of how vital it is to stay warm. Your immune system works better at higher temperatures. Think about it… When you are sick you run a fever, so your body can be more efficient at killing off whatever is attacking you. Or think about when people say “don’t catch cold” when you are going out without a jacket. It isn’t that you will be exposed to extra germs. Your immune system just won’t be fighting as well because it will be sluggish from the cold temps.

So bundle up and stay warm. Take hot baths or sit in an infrared sauna. Or do as I have done repeatedly this week… Brave the 20 degree weather outside in your bathing suit and soak in a 105 degree hot tub! Sometimes that is the only way I can get warm that lasts more than a few minutes!  My body tends toward a colder temperature so it is hard to keep my body temp up…

But creating a bit of a “false fever” each day is a great way to keep your immune system fighting its best!! Keep it hot! Sweat it out! Stay Healthy!

Take care and stay warm!


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