November 2014 Health Update

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– Saturday, November 1, 2014
Day 1 of my Health Protocol – Month 1
Feeling decent even after eating some sugar last night on Halloween. Going to start with 2 doses of one drop each for a few days and see how I do. If I can raise it to 3 times a day that will be great!


On the days I have time I’m going to do longer infrared sauna and maybe even twice in one day… Maybe a short one before bed. That will be tough but maybe I can do it!
I really want to get well and feel great! Lots of Lemon and Zendocrine Oil for detoxing. Epsom salt baths when I have time. Charcoal every day (bleck).
Coconut oil 3 times a day and oil pulling once a day (when possible). On Guard+ once a day. LLVP every day. DDR prime twice a day.
Diffuse wild orange through day.
Diffuse Breathe and Lavendar at night.
Where Elevation on my chest and Balance on my wrists and Citrus Bliss on my neck everyday.
Serenity and Ylang Ylang on the bottom of my feet at night.
Mini trampoline everyday for joints and lymph.
Dry skin brushing everyday for lymph and detoxing.
Adren-all twice a day for extra adrenal gland support in addition to LLVP.
PB assist, kefir, and apple cider vinegar for Probiotics everyday.
Terrazyme and Aloe Juice for digestion everyday.

– Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Days1-3: I did 2 doses and have survived with very little herxing. Just dealing with the average pain and some extra tiredness.
Day 4: Doing 3 doses today and hoping I will be able to continue at 3 for the rest of the 14 days.

Feeling super tired…. I’m taking the LLVP, adren-all, vit b and all the uplifting oils. But I could still fall asleep at any moment… There are so many moments I could be productive and gets things done but the fatigue causes me to space out and lay down. And I get up just to do the things absolutely necessary. It is so tough. I have so much going on that I could get caught up if I used all my spare moments but any spare moments I have are spent resting.

– Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Today I’m exhausted again… It is frustrating to be so tired that I just lay here and do nothing. My list of things to get done is so huge but I’m just laying here waiting for energy to come so I can do something. Being upright is so hard right now. I was with people today for Bible Study and then teaching about the oils. And now that I’m home I just can’t get up… To even walk and go get my laptop so I could get work done. This is frustrating because as the time ticks by so do the days making me more and more behind. I don’t like to be behind because then I appear undependable. And I AM a dependable person!! But this terrible illness makes it really hard to be and I don’t like that!

– Monday, November 10, 2014
Day 10: I’m surviving… Not too bad lately. Fatigue isn’t as bad and the pain is manageable. Fighting my way through… Only 4 more days until I get a break!

– Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Today was manageable but I still need more energy. I’m crazy behind on work and my brain doesn’t have enough spark to think clearly, multitask and be efficient. But I’m hoping that will get better soon. The pain has been reasonable… But it exhausts me too.

– Friday, November 14, 2014
End of Day 14: I survived. Exhausted and depleted but hopeful the break the rest of the month will give my body a chance to restore and heal so it is ready for a higher dose next month. I will still use the oils once a day on the bottom of my feet but will take a break from the high doses internally. Onward and upward!!

Through the rest of the month I felt much better and my energy returned to a functional level and I was able to get caught up on some things and enjoy Thanksgiving with my family even though I traveled.  Very thankful for the improvement!


“Joy is the echo of God’s Love in your life!” There may be pain in my body and tears in my eyes but there is joy in my heart!  I will not let the enemy steal my joy!  I share so you don’t feel alone in your journey to health.  I share so you know that you are loved by our Heavenly Father.  I share so your heart can be full of joy no matter what!  We are not home yet! Hang on tight to joy and share it with the world!

Live the Life You Want to Live!


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