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Essential Oils - Jessica Pitzer McLaughlin

Essential Oils


When you are ready to learn more check out step 1 or contact me to schedule a class.  You can email me or get in touch with me through Facebook or LinkedIN   –  jessicaframedup@gmail.com

I am located in Memphis, TN and can do classes in person, over the phone or on Skype.

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Jessica McLaughlinJessicaMc

Natural Healthcare Educator

I spent many years researching and teaching myself about Natural Healthcare options, because I was experiencing chronic debilitating muscle and joint pain that worsened over years after I was bitten by a tick.  Then I discovered Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils and they have changed my life.  I have been able to replace practically everything else I used to use to help my family with their health.  Why?  Because they are incredible!  These Pure Oils are more effective than anything else I once used and also brought about more healing in my house than ever before.  Simple… they just work!  I finally have my life back and am slowly healing so that one day I’ll be 100% healthy.

My Essential Oil Education Page

Essential Oils in the ER

Become an expert in essential oil science and application through this FREE educational training program at Aromatic Science.

Doctors & Essential Oils


Now we are able to fight off the “crud” that gets passed around school faster and without sharing it with every family member.  We have overcome blood pressure, sinus, lung, ear, eye and stomach problems all without having a doctor visit or prescriptions.  Needless to say our lives have totally changed!

Our Health Care System seems to be really broken.  Just getting your symptoms to go away with a drug isn’t actually healing the body.  Giving your body the tools it needs to heal is completely different.  In finding Pure Therapeutic quality of oils, I have not only brought healing to my family but I now have an amazing way for others to take control of their health.

So, are you wondering… Are Essential Oils for Me?  Why should I use them?

The answer is YES!  They are for everyone!  And you should use them because they are powerful and effective!

Essential Oils have been around for centuries helping to heal our bodies.  They are safe!  These Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils are the only kind in the world offering this standard of quality.

Ready to Learn More about Becoming a Healer in Your Own Home?

Contact me and I will teach you how to get started with a wholesale account.  (I don’t sell retail because it feels terrible to charge people more than I get charged!)  My mission is to Reinvent your Healthcare and you can’t do that if you can’t afford it!

Your wholesale account will get you 25% off and will grow to 55% off through the Loyalty Program.  No Horrid Autoship Program!  You are in complete control of what you spend and when it ships, plus free shipping rewards!

So, there are no minimums and there is no catch.  I’m here to educate you and help you become the best healer you can be in your home.  That is my Passion!

Now if you are Interested in a NEW CAREER and want to become part of my team of Passionate Healers let me know.  I’m here to help you Dream Big so that you can have financial freedom.  I will teach you step by step how to do it.

Let me know how you want to get started!

Jessica McLaughlin


I'm not around right now. But you can send me an email and I'll get back to you, asap.


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