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December 2015 Health Update - Jessica Pitzer McLaughlin

December 2015 Health Update

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– Friday, December 4, 2015 7:09 AM
Sweating it out in the sauna this morning. Between busy homeschool schedule and traveling and then thinking it was broken (because a child changed the temp to 72 degrees)… I haven’t been in my sauna in a couple of weeks. I did pretty good keeping the flulike symptoms at bay with Epsom salt baths at my parents house but at home there seems to not be enough hot water or time to go around for that to happen. So I got really icky the last couple of days. :-/

But I got a checklist made for my boys for homeschool so they can help us stay on track. Slowly life is starting to right side up! We will get there! Moving into a better life each day. Now I just need to figure out how to get my work done each day! That seems to be a challenge! But then again that was a challenge before homeschooling started. 😉

My goal: to enjoy every moment of this life and do more of what I love while incorporating my kids into all of it so they can enjoy it with me! 🙂 Yes!

– Sunday, December 6, 2015 12:37 PM
I am not a hero for pushing myself until I have nothing left…. I can be more for others if I figure out how to balance my life so I don’t run out. Replenish and keep my cup overflowing physically and spiritually at all times so I never run empty. This is harder for me because physically I struggle but I can work to keep myself functioning at the highest level I have and I can find a way to have quiet alone time to keep my spirit filled up. I can do this better so I’m living and doing my life best for me. I’m figuring out that it isn’t selfish to put your body and spirit first. I can do more for others and bring more light to the world if I am doing good! If I’m running on empty then light is not what I will bring to the world. There is no badge of honor for running myself into the ground helping others. I am to help others with my excess not with what is barely keeping me alive.
So I’m working to get stuff off my plate so I can focus on building my excess up so I can overflow light into other people’s lives.

– Wednesday, December 9, 2015 7:23 AM
I have been craving vitamin C for months and really wanted the powder so I could put it in my water. I think this craving may be why I crave sugar so much because my body is looking for a nutrient that it naturally gets in sweet fruits and foods. I love the way the vitamin C tastes in water my water with lemon essential oil. But I ran out of the powder a long time ago and just haven’t bought it because of all the other expenses.  But I’m craving it so much I decided to order it! I also decided to do some reading on it and found that high doses of vitamin C can help fight Lyme disease and candida and this horrid ovarian cysts and overall fatigue and arthritis and muscle healing and adrenal fatigue and so much more! So I’m thinking that not only do I need it but I may need a lot of it!! So yesterday I took 10,000 mg and ended up gassy and bloated. I’ve read that to flush out the candida and toxins you need to do a vitamin c flush and to find out how much your body needs daily the flush will also tell you that. So, I’m taking 2 gram (1/2 tsp) every 15 minutes until I have an intense watery flush not just some loose stools. It should be mega watery. Then once I know how much I have taken that caused that then I will take 75% of that amount each day to help my body and possibly do a flush once a week to keep flushing out toxins and find out how much I should keep taking.

Oh happy fun times!! ;-P

I also started back on my L-Tyrosine powder and am feeling like my energy is more stable and it is easier to wake up in the morning. The vitamin C could be helping too… Either way I am thankful! My brain is working a bit better which is helpful since I have so much computer work to catch up on.

– Wednesday, December 9, 2015 8:20 AM
2 grams
2 g
2 g
2 g
2 g (things are starting to move) bloated
2 g (moving some more and some diarrhea) really bloated
2 g (more watery diarrhea)
2 g (more watery diarrhea and this is probably my threshold but I’m going a little farther to make sure I have a full cleanse and am not left with any bloating.
2 g very watery and feeling less bloated and more energized
2 g starting to be clearer. Cleanse is starting to really work.
2 g
2 g last one. Feeling more energized and not even hungry.

– Wednesday, December 9, 2015 10:10 PM
Tonight I feel all flu like because I ate nachos… those damn corn chips! I don’t know why I think I can eat them! Every time I do they make me feel bad! 🙁

When I stretched in the hot tub it felt like my muscles were stretching better… probably just a coincidence but I am ever hopeful that something will push me over into symptom free. It would be awesome if it were vitamin c that was the missing puzzle piece. 🙂

– Thursday, December 10, 2015 6:30 AM
My muscles in my legs are definitely stretching better. Not sure if it is a coincidence or not with the vitamin C but I’m really thankful.
It looks like my threshold for the C was 16 g so 75% of that is 12 g. So that is what I am going to try to do each day. Which means I need to shoot for 1/2 tsp 6 times a day. Well if I drink 6 bottles of water I can do that plus get all my water in and being better hydrated is always a good thing for my body!! Or I could put some in my smoothie if I have one. So let’s see how it goes! 🙂 I hope my tummy can handle this much without getting gassy and bloated.

– Thursday, December 17, 2015 8:05 AM
Since I started the vitamin c I haven’t had any ovarian cyst pain. Overall I was feeling better and then I upped it using the liposomal vitamin c at 6 packets (6000mg) which is supposedly as good as IV vitamin C because of how well it is absorbed. So I started herxing yesterday and am still herxing… I’m thinking it must be from the vitamin c. The C helps with detoxification but at certain levels it can kill off bad stuff and cause and overload of toxins. So then if you don’t get enough C to help flush it out you can feel bad.

– Monday, December 21, 2015 9:51 PM
Sugar is poison to my body!! Oh how I wish that would resonate deep in me so I could never touch it again. But some how I’m an addict and I can’t resist it and then when I overdo it I’m miserable or bed ridden with fatigue or I get weepy or angry… It totally messed with me!! I hate it I hate it!! One of these days I will be able resist long term to help my body fight the inflammation! Maybe someday it will be enough to help me get symptom free! Maybe just maybe… But it feels hopeless because keeping up doing ALL the things that help my body is just overwhelming and I can’t keep it going all the time. And there doesn’t seem to be enough money to go around for everything and for food to eat healthy. So frustrating!

– Tuesday, December 22, 2015 10:23 PM
Today I proposed a question to myself, a question that very well may change my life.

What if not eating sugar for a year actually cured you?!

I put this on a picture of my kids flying a kite. A time that I wished so much I could run and really play but my body just couldn’t. I want to run and play with my kids and enjoy life with them! I want that to motivate me to accomplish this experiment! An experiment that could truly change my life… an experiment that I actually have to do to find out for sure even though there is NO guarantee. But it is worth it!! It really is worth the sacrifice to find out.


I know that just removing sugar won’t cure me but there is a possibility that if I combine the immune boosting and anti-inflammatory of not eating sugar with the treatments I’m doing with enzymes, colloidal silver, essential oils, vitamin c and other supplements that my body could turn the corner and win the fight to be symptom free.

I can do this because it is worth it to truly find out.

– Tuesday, December 29, 2015 10:19 PM
Ahhhhh! It feels so good to stretch and feels so good emotionally to want to and get to stretch! Wow! It is still tough and hurts but my muscles are actually responding and actually stretching!!
I could only afford 5 days of the liposomal vitamin c so I had to quit but I herxed pretty good so taking a break is probably a good thing because I was starting to feel slightly better and then got a lot worse when I herxed and now I’m feeling a bit better.
Today I realized that climbing the stairs in general is easier than it was a month ago. My legs are working better and they feel slightly stronger. It still isn’t easy but I don’t seem to be having days where it is impossible and I just don’t go upstairs at all. So, I’ll take that improvement as well!
I wish I had the money to go all in with the lypospheric vitamin c but I just did the budget and it is so tight that we can barely buy groceries and all the other supplies/supplements for my immune support and treatment. It is really frustrating! But maybe I’ll make enough extra and I can do more! I’m excited about the improvement that I’ve experienced so far! 🙂

– Tuesday, December 29, 2015 10:30 PM
Today is day 2 of no sweets. January my goal is to eliminate sweets then February start focusing on the hidden added sugar in my diet. Then March focus on the bad carbs in my diet…. Etc… Or something like that but I’m going to only focus on changing one thing at a time until I am comfortable and then changing something else. This way I should have better self control and not shock my body or have intense withdrawal or detox symptoms

– Thursday, December 31, 2015 6:47 AM
Ending the year on a pretty good note! 🙂 Ready to see how far I get with my health and my work and my family and my personal life in 2016!!

I’ve made it through 3 days with no sweets! Carrying my Pure peppermint essential oil in my pocket is really helping! A tiny drop in my mouth and I can make it through a craving or an energy slump where I usually choose sugar to help me get through. 😉

I climbed the stairs early in the morning again today and I can definitely say that my legs really are working better! It is still tough and I notice it but I’m not having to PULL myself up the stairs with the banister or worry that I may not be able to actually get up the stairs! That is a huge deal! I’m so thankful! Maybe by the end of 2016 I can say I was able to run up the stairs! 😉

Oh and I started my period on Monday night and so far it has been light and the pain and suffering has been minimal. Just some slight cramps. So far I haven’t had major cramping, or any severe stabbing pains or any horrid intestinal cramping. Hopefully the rest of it will be this easy. So, one more thing to be thankful for!

I’m also starting to find a groove with homeschooling, working and my health. I kind of feel like my life was totally upside down and it is on the way to right side up… now it is just a bit sideways. 😉 But I can see how things are evolving and changing for my kids, my family, my stress level and my health. I am seeing how amazing this will be for all of us and maybe just maybe with all this good changes I will continue to improve and really start living and thriving again! 🙂

If you are following my story thank you for being on this journey with me! Life is better in the ups and downs with others to walk and share with you!

Happy New Year!!   I learned in 2015 that my “plate” is actually smaller than I thought it was, which is why it was so hard to keep things from falling off of it. In 2016 I plan to only put what actually fits on my “plate” so I can live more fully, simply, and freely! Here’s to a Joyful and Peaceful 2016!! Praying all of us experience more of each of these in this high paced society! Let’s make sure we have plenty of time to stop and smell the roses this year!


“Joy is the echo of God’s Love in your life!” There may be pain in my body and tears in my eyes but there is joy in my heart! I will not let the enemy steal my joy! I share so you don’t feel alone in your journey to health. I share so you know that you are loved by our Heavenly Father. I share so your heart can be full of joy no matter what! We are not home yet! Hang on tight to joy and share it with the world!

Live the Life You Want to Live!



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