Create for No Reason

Today is an exciting day! I now have a special place just for creating! (my hubby put this amazing table together for me last night!) Going through all I have gone through it has been tough to create or even get super excited about anything in my life. I try so hard to just get through each day so there isn’t always anything left inside of me to get excited. Plus I wonder how long things will last or if it is even worth getting pumped up. Or oh my goodness what would people think?! Haha! How silly! Well, today I’m giddy with excitement even if I do nothing worth anything to anyone else on this new table! If I create for no reason and all it does is make me more me on the inside then what I create is priceless! Who cares if you like it or if it makes money or if anyone thinks it wasn’t a waste of my time!

Wow! To actually write those words out is a big deal! I know them in my head but can I live them out?! Well, I challenge myself and anyone reading this… Go create something for no reason! Just make or create or cook or build or write something just for the joy of it! Oh yes! We can fill the world with nonsensical joy and make our world, their world a better place because we are being us to the core! Who cares if you get paid for it? Who cares if it is useful? Who cares if anyone sees it or likes it?! Let’s do it just because it makes us smile on the inside!! Okay… I’m gonna do it! Will you?! No judging! 

So, here is my first (on my new table) for no reason whimsical drawing that makes no sense but is my fairy fire angel that is ugly and beautiful all wrapped up in one! 

It brought me joy to make it… No one may see it and it may never be hung up or make money but it is a little piece of me which makes it priceless! So let’s go be priceless and make items that truly are priceless!!


Joy to you all! 


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