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Jessica Pitzer McLaughlin

I have been called a “Jack (or Jill) of all trades” for years because I have the mind set that no matter what… if I put my mind to it I can accomplish it.  Including being a Mom of three amazing little ones and working from home.  I am now blessed to have many skills that I can put to use while wearing many different hats.

I had another plan for how my life would play out but then I was plagued by chronic joint and muscle pain that continued to worsen for years after I had a tick bite.  I have been actively fighting for complete healing since 2001.  I spent about 3 years using Modern Medicine to save me from this horrid problem of Lyme Disease and even had a pic line for a while.  Modern Medicine made it so I didn’t die, but then let me down when it came to actually healing me completely.  (Read more of my health journey.)

So, I have been on a mission since to find a way to completely heal my body.  Along the way I discovered all types of amazing Natural Healthcare and have used them on myself, my children and my friends.  That is how I became known as a “Healer” to my friends as I helped them overcome all kinds of ailments naturally without doctor visits and medications.

For years my friends told me to teach classes, write a book, or write a blog so others could learn my “secrets.”  But that was too overwhelming to me.  There was no way I could compile that much information.  Then I discovered Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils and found that they were more effective than everything else I had been using.  It was dramatic and amazing!  Plus, there were books, handouts and teaching tools that were already made.  What a gift!  Now I could share this with the world!  So, I jumped right in completely out of my comfort zone and I  started sharing with the world.

I then saw that being a Natural Healthcare Educator completely lined up with my mission and my goals.  I am so thankful that the oils are slowly giving my body the tools it needs to heal itself and giving me my life back.  I want to share this with the world and also invite others to join me in changing the world.  This is an amazing gift!  Become a Passionate Healer with Me!

Along with teaching people about Natural Healthcare I get to use many of my other skills with leading other Passionate Healers and in my position as Communications Director with Lampstand Ministries.

Jessica Pitzer McLaughlin, LMT
Natural Healthcare Educator, Memphis, TN
Lampstand Communications Director

My Skills:

Licensed Massage Therapist – 2004 – Present

Lampstand Communications Director – 2006 – Present

Website Creation & Management – 2006 – Present

Graphic Designer/Artist – 2000 – Present

Photographer – Business Owner – 2003 – 2015
Pitzer Phasion & Photography


Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design  – Middle Tennessee State University
Minors:  Photography, Art & Human Sciences

Massage Institute of Memphis – Licensed Massage Therapy


I'm not around right now. But you can send me an email and I'll get back to you, asap.


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